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HamaraPages - Event Posting Guidelines

Before posting...

Posting in HamaraPages is simple and easy. Very often, it takes less than 10 minutes. It would be even more easier if you have the following ready before clicking "Post an event":

1. Are you registered?

You must be registered with HamaraPages before posting an event. The registration is FREE, immediate and automatic and takes no more than a few minutes. It is enough to register only once. Click on "REGISTER" to submit your registration. If you are already registered, but forgot the password, simply select "Password Help" from the registration page.

2. The posting details:

Event Title (80 chars max. 40 - 50 ideal.)

What categories? Make sure that you select the appropriate catagories. Postings in incorrect categories may be rejected.

What state / city / location if the event is specific to a location

Contact information (person, phone, email and website). You may also choose to get the

esponses through your own website or by postal mail. If that is the case, please mention the contact info/method in the event description.

Event description (upto 10,000 chars): You may just choose to have a clear and

oncise event description or an elaborate text such as a brief note on your organization, the event description, date(s), timing(s), venue, admission fee (if any), driving directions and other information.

3. Try to keep all of the above info in a Word doc or a text file.

What cannot be posted?

Please read the FAQ for details of postings that are not permitted in HamaraPages.

Posting the Event:

Click on "Post an Event" at http://www.hamarapages.com.

If you have a Word doc or text file with the required info, you may simply copy and paste into the relevant boxes.

Type in your registered email and password.

Select the event categories by clicking on the check boxes.

Type in the Event Title.

If the event is specific to a state, select the state. Otherwise, leave this blank.

If the event is specific to a location, type in the location such as the city

ame, county or event a street! This would help in getting participants from nearby areas. Otherwise, leave this blank.

Type in the contact phone / email.

Type in the event description.

Select the event related options by clicking on the check boxes.

Click on the check box at the bottom to agree to the posting terms.

Click on "Proceed" to go ahead.

After this, the website will walk you through the correction and confirmation process.


Modifications after posting: HamaraPages does not entertain any requests for modifications after posting. Therefore, please make sure that the posted information is correct in all respects.

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