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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What kind of events are posted in HamaraPages?

HamaraPages lists events that are appropriate for Asian Indians and hamarapeople from neighboring countries.

HamaraPages accepts postings about all Desi events such as entertainment, educational, cultural, sports, etc. HamaraPages does NOT post events that are gambling, porn, racial, etc. All postings are reviewed by HamaraPages coordinators before approval. HamaraPages reserves the right to accept or reject any posting without giving any explanations.

Do I need an account with HamaraPages or should I have to pay anything to post an event?

No, you do not need an account to post events at HamaraPages. You don't need to pay anything either. All event postings at HamaraPages are free.

I am not the organizer of an event and I don't see that the event has been posted at HamaraPages. Could I post the event for everyone's sake?

As long as you know the details about the event such as the date(s), timing schedule, venue, etc., you may choose to post the event yourself - if you are registered with HamaraPages. You may also inform the organizer to post the event at HamaraPages or mention to the organizer that you'd be posting the event at HamaraPages. You may also inform HamaraPages or one of our Coordinators about the event, so we could contact the organizer for details.

All event postings at HamaraPages are free. If you wish to post, you must register with HamaraPages and the registration is FREE and automatic and will take just a few minutes.

How long does HamaraPages keep the posting?

Up to 90 days or till the day of the event -- whichever is earlier.

Why does it take about one day for the posting to appear in HamaraPages?

All postings are sent for approval to specialists to ensure that the postings are in accordance with the guidelines. Usually this process takes about 3 to 24 hours.

What kind of postings are not allowed in HamaraPages?

HamaraPages does NOT post events that are related to gambling, porn, nudity, racial, etc. Also, we do not entertain postings that call for personal information or photographs from the participants.

Do you accept postings of events that require an admission fee? Do we have pay any posting fee or advertising fee for events with / without an admission fee?

Yes, we accept postings that require an admission fee - but the event must be in accordance with the policies of HamaraPages.

All event postings are free at HamaraPages.

Is there any membership fee to join HamaraPages?

You may register at HamaraPages FREE OF COST to post events. HamaraPages does not charge any membership fee.

Do you sell the address list of HamaraPages members?

Sorry, HamaraPages does not give or sell any information / mailing list about its members to any one or to any organization. We appreciate you for not requesting us for the information.

How to report postings that have inappropriate text or claims or postings that are kind of dubious?

We try our best to vet every posting that is submitted. However, if you have concerns about a posting, please write to: abuse@ConsultingCartel.com. Please mention the posting ID (which you'd find at the bottom of the posting), the posting title and your concerns. We'll immediately investigate the posting.

About HamaraPages...

Who runs the HamaraPages?

HamaraPages is managed by a team of volunteers in the USA, India and a few other countries.

I am interested in volunteering for HamaraPages. What should I do?

HamaraPages welcomes people like you to be volunteers to promote HamaraPages, its objectives and services. Please send an email with your profile to: info@hamarapages.com. Here are some volunteer opportunities:
>> Coordinators -- to post events in your area, to promote HamaraPages in your area.
>> Posting Reviewers
>> Any other opportunities

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